NLCC Family, we want to hear from you! What is your OMG Experience?

Don’t be shy, your experience will be an encouragement to others in our church. All you have to do is answer one of the below questions by pre-recorded selfie video, text or you can even volunteer to share your story in person during service!

How have you shared “goodness” with someone?

How have you experienced “goodness”?

You can share your experience in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Send a written text of your story to  (469)469-3770.
  2. Send in a selfie video of you sharing your story. (Details and ways to upload are below.)
  3. Request a moment during Sunday service to share your OMG experience in person with the congregation via text. Text your request to  (469)469-3770.

Remember, your submission may be shared during Sunday service.

We are excited to hear your story!


Video Submission information:

Mobile devices (cellphones & tablets) will considerably reduce image/video quality when transferred by text message. Therefore, please do not attach media to text messages.

Furthermore, there is a size limitation of 25mb for any file attached to email messages. If you are sure that your media file size is at or below 25mb, you are welcome to attach media to an email message addressed to: NLCCAV@THECHURCHTHATPOURS.COM .

Alternatively, you may also upload media directly to AVL via our online portal (link below):


If the NLCC AVL team did not create or record your footage, the above ways are the best methods to transfer media.

If neither of these work for you because of file size limits or if you have further questions, please send your inquiry to NLCCAV@THECHURCHTHATPOURS.COM


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Worship Service (Sundays): 10am
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