Historical Beginnings

With a commitment to prayer, servanthood, and growing the Kingdom of God, New Life Community Church (NLCC) was established April 2007 in Frisco, Texas, for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, by Founding and Senior Pastor James M. Hutchins NLCC started with 25 charter families, and from there, grew to more than 100 members within its first year, which NLCC believes was by divine direction of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This growth required the congregation to move from its provisional places of worship, which included homes of church members, the Westin Stonebriar Hotel in Frisco, Texas, and a private preschool.

Membership Growth & Building Projects

Due to the continued growth of church membership, which comprised of families residing throughout Collin County and surrounding counties in North Texas, NLCC purchased nearly 11 acres of land on Smotherman Road in Frisco, Texas in March 2008.  By doing so, NLCC was envisioning future expansion to meet the emerging needs of membership growth.  Glory to God for His provision to grow His kingdom!

In April 2009, NLCC had reached its second anniversary and had outgrown its meeting space at the private preschool.  As a result, NLCC began searching for a new physical location to worship.  In August 2009, the church spent five weeks reshaping a 10,700 square foot warehouse building into a house of worship, which was equipped with a sanctuary that seated over 400 people and classrooms for the youth ministry.  Shortly after the renovation, NLCC began holding services at 303 King Road in Frisco, Texas.  This move was a blessing for NLCC as it afforded additional time to finalize financing, and prepare for the construction process on Smotherman Road, known as the Smotherman Road Building Project.

In 2010, NLCC held four conferences throughout the year as NLCC believed that God’s people were guided into a deeper walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. In April 2011, God continued to provide and enabled NLCC to purchase the adjacent 10.77 acres of land on Smotherman Road, which garnered a total of 21+ acres of land to accommodate the vision that NLCC believed God had given!  Not only had God provided this land for NLCC, but He had enabled an opportunity to purchase additional acreage in the near future. Glory to God for His continued provision to grow His kingdom!

Phase One of the project was complete in 2012.  NLCC held its first service and live broadcast in the new multi-purpose building at 25631 Smotherman Rd. in Frisco, Texas on March 4, 2012.  All Glory to God!

In 2014, NLCC built a new church in Zimbabwe (in southern Africa). The church is currently serving to pour hope in the community by teaching about our Lord Jesus Christ.  From2013 to 2017, to further support the ministry growth needs for leadership development, Senior Pastor Hutchins released the following three books: Celebrate Victories, Why Don’t U Want ToTMPray(WDUWT), and WDUWT workbook.

Phase 2

Phase Two of the Smotherman Road Building Project concluded in March 2013 as NLCC completed the final build-out of the multi-purpose building.  By March 2015, Phase Three of the project concluded when the new sanctuary was built, which serves as the NLCC house of worship for God’s people.  The next NLCC expansion project, known as the Event Center Project, is targeting a launch in year 2021.


25631 Smotherman Road
Frisco, TX 75033
(214) 872-4205


Service Times

Christian Education (Sundays): 8:45am
Worship Service (Sundays): 10am
TRIBE Student Worship Service (Sundays): 10am
Bible Study (Wednesdays): 7pm